Unwanted attention and harassment within the Chapter will not be tolerated.
The Chapter should be a safe place for people to attend whether they are female or male, under no circumstances should they feel harassed and unsafe while attending Chapter events.
Behaviours considered to be inappropriate, concerning or threatening may include:
· undue and unwanted attention, despite being asked to stop
· angry, aggressive or sexual communications (verbal or written)
· sexual harassment (unwelcome sexual conduct of any kind)
· stalking (repeated attempts to impose unwanted communication or contact)
Contact, undue and unwanted attention including touching, that is not suitable for the time and place is to be reported immediately to a Committee Officer. If you receive inappropriate attention, communication or repeated contact that makes you feel uncomfortable, you have the right to report this to protect yourself and fellow members. Any reports made will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.
Attending all H.O.G Chapter Events
Whilst attending events we are ambassadors for H.O.G, our sponsoring Dealer and our Chapter. Please be as considerate as possible towards other Chapter members and more so members of the public.
This Code of Conduct applies to members, not only whilst attending Geordie Chapter events, but also in their out of Chapter activities, in so far as these relate to H.O.G, Harley‐Davidson Dealers, other Chapters, or any other situation directly related to the Geordie Chapter and H.O.G.
Action taken against any member exhibiting anti-social behaviour, which is in direct opposition to the ethos of the Chapter, H.O.G or basic human rights, will range from a formal warning to expulsion from the Chapter.
Allen Glasper, Director