Allen Glasper, Director

I’ve ridden motorcycles since a very young age, and always dreamed of owning a Harley-Davidson. It might have had something to do with the poster I had with a great-looking blonde sitting on an H-D … it seemed to set a relaxed theme for life.

As it was, I rode sports bikes for many years before getting my first Harley-Davidson in 2001. I then changed to a brand-new 2003 Anniversary Fat Boy, and joined Geordie Chapter. It’s a fantastic group of people, and everyone does their bit to keep everything moving. Our Road Crew undertake an immense amount of planning and cover many, many miles to make sure that things are just right for our monthly chapter ride-outs.

I travel abroad a lot, often to Harley-Davidson events. If the mood takes me, I think nothing of covering a thousand miles a day to get there. But once there, you just can’t beat taking it easy on your bike in the sunshine! Geordie Chapter has been through tremendous change while I’ve been a member but we have an excellent team and an increasing membership. It’s always very rewarding to see so many smiling faces when we’re on our ride-outs!

Read my Director’s welcome message here.

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James Jobson, Assistant Director

I have been a Harley-Davidson owner and member of Geordie Chapter since 2003. I’ve had many Harley-Davidsons in that time, and I’m currently riding a Street Glide Special.

I’ve had some fantastic times while I’ve been in the Chapter and I’m always on the look-out for new places to go, making things even better for everyone.

Ride hard … or stay at home … !

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Gary Robinson, Treasurer

I’ve been in Geordie Chapter for about ten years after making the switch to riding Harley-Davidsons in 2010. I rode sports bikes for years, but always had a passion for a Harley-Davidson. I didn’t make the switch for quite a few years but it was the best decision I’ve made.

For me, it’s not just the riding but the people who you ride with that make it special and I love to get out riding, whether on a large Chapter ride or a small group out for a cup of tea and chat with my extended family.

I hope to catch up with as many of you as possible when we’re all out and about!

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Gary Fisher, Secretary

I am quite new to Geordie Chapter, after buying my first ever Harley-Davidson in March 2017. I have a Candy Red Breakout which makes me smile every time I ride it.

It’s the best thing I’ve done in my motorcycling history. Like many people, I started on mopeds graduating to riding sports bikes: I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get the Harley-Davidson bug. One of the guys said to me back in March ‘It’s not just the bikes, it’s the people’ and that is so true. Everyone has made Joanne and I feel very welcome.

When the opportunity came up to get involved with the Committee, I jumped at the chance to give something back to this wonderful group of new friends. If you are reading this and considering getting involved, please do so, you won’t regret it 🙂 .

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Simon Field, Activities Officer

As Activities Officer, I make sure that we have events organised, activities to do with members new and old enjoying as a group, as a keen member and rider my goal is to get the members out there riding and attending events and gatherings so they can get as much from the chapter as possible.

I am also an active member of the Road Crew. Get involved, you will not regret it.

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Helen Nicolson, Activities Officer

I’m always on the look-out for new events for our Chapter members. I’m a great fan of live music and am always going to some gig or another. This often gives me some fantastic ideas for our Chapter. And for our rally too.

I ride an 883 Sportster Iron, with a few personal touches. As an example, my new exhaust isn’t strictly necessary but it sounds superb!

I’ve been in Geordie Chapter for about five years and really enjoy the buzz of Chapter life.

I’m a member of Ladies of Harley too and it’s great the way the Chapter supports us. I love going on our Wednesday night rides, they’re really informal but well-planned, and our team keeps us safe when we’re riding.

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Dawn Beattie, Rally Coordinator and Ladies of Harley Officer

I have been a biker since 1993, when my Yamaha 125 was bought out of necessity rather than for enjoyment. I joined the Harley-Davidson world in 2008 when we bought our first Road King and haven’t looked back since.

I have been lucky enough to have a second Road King and two Dynas, all of which I enjoyed. However, my current bike is a CVO Softail which I absolutely love. You just know when a bike is right for you!

I organise our fantastic Heart ‘n’ Soul rally, which is a job I really enjoy. It can be challenging at times but when everything comes together, it makes me immensely proud.

I am also delighted to be part of Geordie Chapter Ladies of Harley which has grown significantly over the past few years with a vibrant group, all of whom help to raise the profile of lady riders and pillions.

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Fiona Kenny, Assistant Ladies of Harley Officer

Ladies of Harley is a H.O.G. initiative which, by virtue of your membership, you are welcome to be a part of within the Chapter.

I passed my bike test in 1989 but didn’t ride much after that. I joined H.O.G. in 2009 when my husband purchased his first Harley-Davidson CVO FatBob. He has since added to his collection, and I prefer to ride pillion. We have enjoyed trips in Europe and throughout the UK, attending H.O.G. rallies and events.

Joining H.O.G. was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and I can’t recommend it highly enough. When we first joined we were told that “we’d only get out of it what we put into it” but I think we’ve gained a whole lot more as we’ve made so many new friends.

My main focus will be to support Dawn and to organise some fun non-riding events. I hope to see you all soon!

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Mark Leadbitter, Head Road Captain

My role is to coordinate Geordie Chapter Road Crew, planning our monthly chapter ride-outs and making sure everything is as safe as it can be when we are out and about. The Road Crew are there to help anyone in the Chapter, relating to group riding, how to be safe, or even just general riding skills.

I have been riding bikes since I was seven .., I did schoolboy Moto X and trials until I was 21. I then passed my Class 1 HGV licence and started driving trucks all over Europe and North Africa. Driving trucks kept me away from bikes for a few years but in the early 2000s, I changed jobs from the road to the office. I soon had a new Suzuki GSX 750 then a Triumph 1200 Trophy so Tracey and I could go touring.

In 2004, we somehow ended up with tickets for the Heart ‘n’ Soul rally at Gosforth Park and in one weekend life changed! By the following Saturday, we were the proud owners of a 1998 FLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra and became Geordie Chapter members – we’ve been here ever since!

I joined the road crew in 2009 and I have planned many Chapter rides and like nothing more than helping new and old Road Crew members with what is hopefully good advice and guidance. The Road Crew put a lot of hard work in to what they do and all give 110% to the Chapter. I love the camaraderie of the Road Crew and Geordie Chapter.

I try to do at least one European trip a year and always love going abroad on my bike!

I’m currently riding a 2018 115 Anniversary Street Slide Special: it’s my best bike so far and I have had a few over the last seventeen years.

I hope to see you on our ride-outs and at Chapter events. If you need any help or advice or just a chat, just come over and say hello!

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John Nichol, Assistant Head Road Captain

My role is to help Mark with the organisation of the Road Crew, to plan rides and deputise for Mark whenever he need me to!

I started riding motorcycles from an early age – we lived at Haggerston Castle as a kid, where my Dad was GM, so I had a hundred acres of private land to ride on!! Since then I’ve had all sorts of bikes from an SS50 at 16 to a Kawasaki ZX12R and all sorts in between.

I came back to the UK after working away and needed a new bike. I decided that after getting my bike out of the garage and promising myself to be good that day and then as I returned it to the garage later that day thinking how daft I’d been at 55 it was time to grow up!

So, after looking at what Triumph had to offer I went to Silverlink and fell in love with the new 2014 Breakout! I then joined the Geordie Chapter and I’m now on my third Harley, a 2019 SGS which I have to say is a dream to ride!

I joined the Road Crew in 2017 and with help from the experienced Road Crew members like Jimmy, Allen, Mark, Greg and Peter (and loads more) I achieved Road Captain status, since then I’ve had the privilege to plan and lead rides to destinations such as Holy Island, the Buddhist Temple at Eskdalemuir and the brilliant ABC ride!

I was honoured when Mark asked me to be his Assistant and as the last two guys to hold this position were himself and Allen Glasper so no pressure! I will do my best and I hope to see you on our rides and Chapter events – as Mark says if I can help you in any way or you just fancy a bit craic just come over and have a chat!

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Anna Smith, Editor

I’ve been a member of Geordie Chapter for a few years now and really enjoy being out and about on our Chapter ride-outs.

I manage the Geordie Chapter newsletter, The Sprocket, making sure everything is aligned with the requirements of H.O.G. and our sponsoring dealer, Gateshead Harley-Davidson. I write articles and news features for The Sprocket, keeping everyone up-to-date with Chapter adventures.

I ride a Black Harley-Davidson 1200T which I’m customising to my own taste

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Steve Dobson, Photographer




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Tony Graham, Historian




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Mandy Jobson, Membership Officer

I have been in Geordie Chapter since 2003 and I’ve made many lovely friends within the Chapter. I ride pillion on my husband’s bike, and we’ve had many great biking holidays in Europe and the USA. Geordie Chapter has seen many changes over the years and is currently a very rewarding, strong, happy chapter and I am proud to be part of it.

My role as Membership Officer is to promote and support membership of the Chapter and H.O.G. and to assist the Chapter Secretary in membership duties.

Our membership is steadily increasing and we have members from as far away as Australia. As part of the H.O.G. family, our members enjoy our organised ride-outs and Chapter events including our very own Heart & Soul rally. Even through the winter months, we still have Chapter social events. Chapter membership gives everyone a year full of biking, social activities, events and the chance to meet new friends. I look forward to seeing you all when we’re out and about!

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Lyn Hunter, Merchandise Officer

I’m the one who gets you to buy all our lovely chapter merchandise. I’m pillion on my hubby Ron’s (he’s the one who wears all the pink gear and heels on our L.O.H. Pink Run) Heritage Softail, which we’ve had for 15 years.

I love having our grandchildren and great-grandchildren round at our house, it’s a very rewarding time.

I was lucky to be asked to be Chapter Merchandise Officer five years ago. It’s a position that I really enjoy. I always look forward to meeting new members and having a good catch up with our extended family at Chapter events.

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Tony McGill, Coalition Officer

I am the Geordie Chapter representative in the North East Coalition of Motorcycle Clubs.

Along with other bike clubs and members of the North East Coalition which is organised and run by the Hells Angels, we meet up at Angels Place in the east end of Sunderland at the end of every month.

We discuss each other’s upcoming activities, including social, ride outs, charity events and other business. I relay the main points of discussion back to our members at our monthly meetings.
When I ride a Heritage Soft tail, I am Big Tony, although the bike is too big for me. When I ride a Street Glide, I am just Tony, and this bike is also too big for me!

I really enjoy being a member of the Geordie Chapter and pleased to assist in being our Coalition Officer, a role I also enjoy as I get to meet fellow bikers and have a crack.

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Paul Pouton, Charities Officer




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If you’ve ever wondered what each person does within the Chapter, here’s a guide, taken from the H.O.G. Chapter Charter:

The required Chapter officers are:

  • Director: shall uphold H.O.G. Chapter Charter, conduct Chapter meetings and coordinate Chapter officer responsibilities
  • Assistant Director: shall be responsible for promoting membership, membership orientation, membership retention and keeping the Chapter members informed of H.O.G. programmes and initiatives
  • Treasurer: shall be responsible for collecting and disbursing Chapter funds, reporting financial transactions to sponsoring Dealer on a monthly basis, compliance with all revenue recording and reporting requirements
  • Secretary: shall be responsible for administering and maintaining meeting minutes, annual reports, membership reports on, insurance and legal documentation, event releases and enrolment releases

The discretionary Chapter officers are:

  • Activities Officer: assisting in planning and administering Chapter events
  • Ladies of Harley Officer: encouraging women members to take an active part in Chapter activities
  • Head Road Captain: assisting in the planning of routes for Chapter rides
  • Editor: assembling and organising all forms of Chapter communications. Ensures all forms of Chapter communications are approved by the sponsoring Dealer before publication or distribution
  • Safety Officer: providing Chapter members with information relating to the availability of rider training
  • Photographer: obtaining and organising Chapter images for use in Chapter communications and Chapter history
  • Historian: preparing and maintaining an account of the history of the Chapter
  • Membership Officer: assisting the Chapter secretary in the Chapter membership duties
  • Webmaster: assembling and organising material for the Chapter website, social media sites (if applicable) and obtaining approval from the sponsoring Dealer H.O.G. Manager before publication