We arrange all sorts of events during the year. These range from riding events (always a favourite!) to social events, charity events and seasonal events.

We tend to run three types of events – closed, open and member. These are identified as follows:

  • Closed: events that are open to Geordie Chapter members and one guest per member
  • Open: events that are open to Geordie Chapter members, H.O.G. members and other guests, as appropriate
  • Member: events that are open to H.O.G. members

Just click Events calendar from the drop-down menu above and you’ll see a calendar of everything that’s available. Or you can select each type of event individually.

We have separate pages on our website for details of our Chapter rides, social events and charity events.

Throughout the riding season, someone from our Road Crew will lead a ride out on a Wednesday evening, weather permitting. These are very popular informal rides and allow people who can’t make our weekend rides to get involved. These usually last for about two to three hours, depending on the time of year. The destinations and routes are always different and they tend to take advantage of quieter roads.

Coupled with this, we also attend lots of local events. These could be in our region or supporting our local Chapters, in their area, when they are hosting their own events. This could include town fairs, parades, Harley-Davidson dealer events or other publicised outings. Everything will be listed on out Events calendar once we know about it and if people are likely to attend.

Members of the Geordie Chapter have access to our closed Facebook group which provides the very latest information relating to routes or weather conditions. We also send out event details by email, as appropriate, and members have access to our quarterly newsletter, The Sprocket.

If you would like to contribute to an event or have any questions relating to an event, please contact our Activities Officers.

Harley-Davidson also has an events page. You can find it here. There’s lots of information about European (EMEA) events and rallies and there’s a great events calendar too.


What’s not to like really … ?