North East Coalition of Motorcycle Clubs

Geordie HOG is a member of the North East Coalition of Motorcycle Clubs. Other members of the coalition include:

  • Hells Angels MC Tyne and Wear/Northumberland
  • Red Devils Tyne and Wear MC
  • Red Devils Durham MC
  • Patriots MC
  • Selgovae MC
  • National Chopper Club (Newcastle)
  • Bad-Landers MCC
  • Border Crew MCC
  • Caliburnus MCC
  • Draconians MCC
  • Dragonslayer MCC
  • Earls of Zetland MCC
  • Erebos MCC
  • Gunnars MCC
  • Infidels MCC
  • Jokaz MCC
  • The North Men MCC
  • Outlanders MCC
  • Rekkr MCC
  • Revenants MCC
  • Twenty-Twelve MCC
  • Twisted Sprockets MCC
  • Tyne Phoenix MCC
  • Tyne Wolves BTC
  • Valhalla Mutts MCC
  • Votadini MCC
  • Wyrm Ryders Brotherhood

We have a Coalition Officer who attends the monthly meetings at Angels Place in Sunderland. Our Coalition Officer then keeps everyone in Geordie Chapter up-to-date with what’s happening. It’s great to catch up with our friends in other MC and MCC – many of them ride a Harley-Davidson and also go on ride-outs that we can join in with.

A good number of groups have social events – pub nights and BBQs – so get along if you can. The HA also organise several events throughout the riding season that are always well-attended: a Poker Run, Memorial Ride and a summer BBQ. There’s usually a good band playing at Angels Place on a Friday or Saturday night too.

If you want to go down there, you can find Angels Place in Sunderland: SR1 2BB.

In May 2017, members of the Coalition met at the Angel of the North for a picture …