We offer a wide range of H.O.G. and Geordie Chapter merchandise, ranging from t-shirts, rockers, patches, pins and bandanas. Our Merchandise Officer always has lots of goodies for you to to buy: we always have merchandise available for sale at our monthly Chapter meetings. There are lots of different styles and colours for you to choose from.

You can buy larger items for the back of your jacket or waistcoat, or smaller ones for the front …


We also have a range of personalised items, such as hoodies, jackets and Geordie Chapter flags.


H.O.G. promotes pins and patches for our jackets and vests – it’s like having a personal journey on your jacket for everyone to see.

When you are a member of H.O.G. you get all sorts of membership pins and year patches too. If you join the Ride 365 mileage challenge, you also get patches to show how many H.O.G. miles you’ve covered!