Geordie Chapter announced winners of the Mileage Challenge

Hello all,

Today, our Director Allen Glasper received the news we have won the Mileage Challenge for 2023!!

Here is the message in full.

Hello Allen,
I trust you and the fantastic team in the Geordie Chapter are all thriving!
I’m absolutely thrilled to share some wonderful news with you today… cue the drum roll… the Geordie Chapter has emerged as the overall champions of the 2023 Chapter Challenge for total annual miles recorded! What an incredible accomplishment!
Together, you’ve logged an impressive 709,579 miles. This achievement truly showcases the dedication, passion, and camaraderie of the Chapter.
Rosie from the magazine team will be reaching out to you for a bit of an interview in the near future and the full results will be shared soon.
Congratulations once again, keep up the fantastic work and continue to ride high on this success!
Best regards,

Absolutely fantastic and well done to everyone.