Ride 365

    To register for the Ride 365 mileage recognition programme please complete the form below.

    What is Ride 365?

    Ride 365 is the official mileage recognition programme for the official riding club
    of Harley-Davidson. Ride 365 includes the existing Lifetime Recognition and two
    new programmes – Annual Recognition and Annual Chapter Challenge.

    Who is eligible to participate in Ride 365?
    Any H.O.G. member can and should participate!

    Can H.O.G. members start the programme at any time during the year?
    Yes. You may check in your mileage at any time during the year. The Annual Recognition programme recognises miles ridden from January 1 to December 31. Your miles will also be added to your lifetime total and tracked as part of the Lifetime Recognition programme.

    If you have more than 1 motorcycle please fill this form in for each.

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    Current Odometer reading

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