News feed, 9.10.21

One of Ladies of Harley officers and Road Crew member Trish Gillespie led the ride on Saturday 9 October. We started at Wynyard Park Services, just off the A19 (makes a change from the OK Diner – although Cross Rob still managed to head over there before realising the error of his ways!).

There were about sixty bikes on the day, including Road Crew, and we had a wild and twisty ride over to the new NY500 café between Malton and Pickering. As we headed over Castletown Moor, it was absolutely Baltic with fog and sheep. Not a great combination …

Things cheered up no end as we dropped down and whizzed through some very picturesque villages in North Yorkshire.

After the NY500, we skipped Sutton Bank in favour of some other very steep roads and headed over to Northallerton on our way back towards the A174 and The Gables.

It was a great day, with a lovely presentation to Nathan at the beginning of a new GC hoodie and a picture of us all from the Heart ‘n’ Soul rally.

GeordieHOG Editor