News feed, 20.8.21

Last night, we had our first face-to-face Committee in absolutely ages … ! We had Barry, Mandy, Jimmy, Allen, Lyn, Dawn, Tony, Gary, John, Robin, Simon, Trish and Jo all debating the various comings and goings of your Geordie Chapter. The great news is that we now stand at 267 members – including 42 new members!

We had a lot to reflect on with the recent rally and Unity ride – both were great successes. Simon has lots for us all to look forward too. We have another camping trip coming soon. We also have the End of Term Party in October. We’ve been moving things about a bit with our PayPal accounts – this has been quite a challenge for Jo – we’re nearly sorted, thankfully. Tony has news of a possible ride to Angels Place next weekend – including a BBQ. More details when they’re available.

GeordieHOG Editor