News feed, 14.9.21

There are some changes for our 2021 Committee and Road Crew …

Allen Glasper is our new Assistant Director and Mark Leadbitter is now our Assistant Head Road Captain.

Many congratulations to Allen and Mark!

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News feed, 8.9.21

We had our first Geordie Chapter face-to-face meeting tonight – the first one since March 2020! We had some great support and it was fab to see everyone again.

A big welcome to all our new members … hope to see you all out and about on the remaining ride-outs and events in 2021. Many thanks to Nissan SLC for their hospitality and for providing the pies and peas for everyone!

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News feed, 6.9.21

Our Activities Officer, Simon Field, has posted details of the End of Term party. Click here for details.

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News feed, 25.8.21

Our next Chapter meeting is on WEDNESDAY, 8 September 2021. This will be at Nissan SLC. Click here for details.

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News feed, 20.8.21

Last night, we had our first face-to-face Committee in absolutely ages … ! We had Barry, Mandy, Jimmy, Allen, Lyn, Dawn, Tony, Gary, John, Robin, Simon, Trish and Jo all debating the various comings and goings of your Geordie Chapter. The great news is that we now stand at 267 members – including 42 new members!

We had a lot to reflect on with the recent rally and Unity ride – both were great successes. Simon has lots for us all to look forward too. We have another camping trip coming soon. We also have the End of Term Party in October. We’ve been moving things about a bit with our PayPal accounts – this has been quite a challenge for Jo – we’re nearly sorted, thankfully. Tony has news of a possible ride to Angels Place next weekend – including a BBQ. More details when they’re available.

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News feed, 1.8.21

We’ve now finished the programme for our fabulous rally – click here!

Here’s the bands that we’ve arranged for you this year!

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News feed, 22.7.21

The Great Relay 2021 Unity Ride

Geordie Chapter cordially invites you to join this special event of unity. The full details follow but commit to as much or as little as you can. Our leg of the relay ride begins on Friday 13 August when we meet Aire Valley Chapter at Washington Services northbound (time to be arranged). We will then stop at the Angel of the North for a photo. We will head to Gateshead Harley-Davidson for a celebration of the official handover of the baton to the Geordie Chapter.

On Saturday 14 August, we leave Gateshead Harley-Davidson (at 9.30 am) to continue the relay ride up to Edinburgh Harley-Davidson. Here, we will handover the baton to Dunedin Chapter. We will join Dunedin Chapter on their leg to West Coast Harley-Davidson and meet up with Clyde Valley Chapter. Staying overnight, we will then join the ride with Clyde Valley Chapter to Cairnryan. Here, the Pan America bikes and baton will leave for Ireland. We’ll then return home.

Our overnight stay on 14 August is at the Premier Inn Glasgow Braehead. If you would like to stay, please make your own reservations.

This epic ride has already started. You can follow it on

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News feed, 8.6.21

Our Head Road Captain, James Jobson, has provided details of the Chapter ride-out on 27 June. Click here for more details.

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Chapter Meeting, June 2021

We had nearly forty people join in, via Zoom, for last night’s Chapter meeting. It’s possible that this one could be the last virtual one, before we join up again at Nissan in July!

It seemed to go fairly quickly, but here’s some highlights:

  • It’s the Newbie Ride on Saturday
  • The first Chapter ride-out is on 27 June: we’re off to Hawick!
  • Heart ‘n’ Soul rally tickets are on sale
  • All contributions for The Sprocket welcome, deadline 11 June

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News feed, 26.5.21

Several members of Geordie Chapter Committee attended the H.O.G. HOT ROC (H.O.G. Officer Training Regional Officer Coordination) course tonight. It’s an ongoing programme of training covering many aspects of managing a chapter.

Tonight’s course, GDPR, looked at a very important topic – how we deal with, look after and use your very own personal data. There are many regulations relating to this and we have to be very careful how we manage it.

It was very interesting, with a few topics for discussion at future Committee meetings.

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