Chapter Meeting, June 2019

As the weather had vastly improved from the afternoons rain, a fair few members attended the meeting on their bikes.

Another well attended meeting, this time there were various cakes to be bought for charity. Congratulations and thank you to all involved in the cake making. I have heard they were delicious, I’m on a diet so had to miss them unfortunately.

Onto the meeting. Barry covered a lot of what has happened lately. Benelux rally in Holland seemed to be very well attended and enjoyed by our members . Discussed the upcoming rallies including our own Heart and Soul rally (get your tickets purchased). Assistance was requested to help set up for the Heart and Soul rally so if anyone has an hour or 2 to spare on the Thursday before hand please contact one of the committee.

We had a few new members with us, however without my glasses I couldn’t scribble anything down! Welcome to all the new members.