News feed, 29.1.17

Ray, our Coalition Officer, led the way to the monthly meeting of the North East Coalition of Motorcycle Clubs at Angels Place, on Friday. We got there as the place was warming up and the band was getting ready. Armed with a drink, we made our way upstairs for the formal proceedings. The place was packed, and some highlight events include:

  • HAMC: St Valentine’s Massacre, 11.2.17, at Angels Place
  • HAMC: Rock Night, every Thursday, at Angels Place
  • Patriots MC: Twentieth Anniversary Rally, 5.5 – 7.5, in Bristol. See Patriots MC website for more details.
  • Bellatorum MCC: Family Day, 20.5, at Sunningdale School
  • Brigantes Brotherhood: 18.3 charity night and 20.3 open night
  • Draconians MCC: Life’s a Pitch Rally, 14.7 – 16.7, at Swalwell Junior Football Club
  • Dragonslayer MCC: St George’s Rock Night, 22.4, at A1 Allerdene Club
  • Hylton Hornets MCC: Rock Night, 21.4, at South Hylton Club
  • NABD: You’ve Been NABD’d Rally, 5.5 – 7.5, in Cheshire. See NABD website for more details.
  • The North Men MCC: Eight Gathering, 18.8 – 20.8, at West Hall Camp Site
  • 2012 MCC: Great North Swap Meet, 19.3, at Twin City Motorcycles
  • Twisted Sprockets MCC: Pre-season Prom, 4.3, at Stormont Main Social Club
  • Wyrm Ryders Brotherhood: Alice Cooper’s Nightmare, 1.4, at Sunderland

The Coalition Coordinator confirmed the final amount raised in 2016 was £23,390, which is amazing.

The evening then drifted back downstairs for some more beer and fun. The next meeting is on 24.2, at 8.00 pm.

There are lots of websites and Facebook pages for all these groups, so get online and help support them and the NECMC.

GeordieHOG Editor