Chapter Meeting, August 2016

A very brief write-up from the meeting this month …

Everyone was very helpful at August’s Chapter Meeting with lots of great feedback on the Heart & Soul Rally. Dawn will take this all onboard when arranging things for next year’s event. A few comments included … the rally packs, food timing, ingress and egress from Percy Park, them night etc. It sounds like a lot of people looked forward to the Tyne Tunnel on the ride-out. Maybe we can do that next year, instead of getting wet in Alnwick!

Peter and Helen provided further details of a few events in August: the fish and chip run on 10 August (from Westerhope at 6.00 pm), NET Convoy along the A1 on 12 August (from Washington Services) and the August Chapter Ride on 14 August. The latter will be our Ladies of Harley Pink Ride, in aid of the Bobby Robson Foundation.