Chapter Meeting, July 2019

An impressive turnout (must have been the pie n peas?!) saw the Committee cover several topics.

We had a very interesting presentation by Kelly and Mark from Safe Families for Children. This charity works hand-in-hand with Children’s Services to link families in need with local volunteers who can offer them help and support. From simple child minding for a few hours, to temporarily housing people with children for a night or longer. You can register to be a Host Home, who take children into their loving homes, giving the parents much needed space to deal with pressing issues or even just be a family friend, who befriend, mentor and support parents through their crisis, helping them get back on their feet and making the home stable for them and their children. Barry asked how the Chapter could help them and Mark mentioned fundraising and the collection of food/toys for distribution at Xmas when some families have literally nothing.  Just buying one extra non-perishable item with your weekly shopping will yield a significant haul come Xmas.  Watch this space closer to Xmas for how we can help.

The Charity does so much to help across the country and has 1200 volounteers in the North East alone. If you are interested in knowing more about what they do and how you can help please visit

Fundraising – Paul and Kay have helped to raise an unbelievable £23k for the Children’s Cancer Ward with their ‘Benidorm or Bust’ fundraiser. Such a massive achievement, very well done.

A Halloween abseil has been organised for the Teenage Cancer Trust, 31st October in fancy dress down the Sandman Signature building in Newcastle.  Any volunteers please see Paul.

The ABC Ride raised almost £300 with the Marie Curie Daffodil fundraiser raising £164.  The stall at Bents Park Armed Forces Day raised £330.  Very well done to all involved.

Heart n Soul Rally 2019 – Tickets have sold really well, there are now only basic tickets left, so best get your skates on! The ride out on the Saturday is to the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Hartlepool.  Tickets for entry on the day are £10, but you can book in advance online for £6. The Road Crew have ridden thousands of miles between them planning this route (thank you!) so as many bikes as possible on the day would be fantastic.

Xmas Party tickets will be available next month.  Again this will be held at the Nissan Sports Complex. Last year was a blast so don’t miss out on this one.


Henshaw Church of England Primary School visit

Today was something a little different, 16 bikes left Gateshead Harley-Davidson for a short run up to Henshaw Church of England Primary School to visit some of their children who had just finished their Key stage 2 topic ‘Road trip USA’. They were keen to see some actual bikes and the Chapter happily obliged.

The visit was really well appreciated, all who attended said they could hear us well before we arrived. The kids got to sit on some of the bikes and had their pictures taken. All in all a good day.It was a pleasure to have been invited by teacher Mrs Debbie Clarke who along with her husband is a member of Nene Valley Hog Chapter #hogukandireland

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Chapter Meeting, June 2019

As the weather had vastly improved from the afternoons rain, a fair few members attended the meeting on their bikes.

Another well attended meeting, this time there were various cakes to be bought for charity. Congratulations and thank you to all involved in the cake making. I have heard they were delicious, I’m on a diet so had to miss them unfortunately.

Onto the meeting. Barry covered a lot of what has happened lately. Benelux rally in Holland seemed to be very well attended and enjoyed by our members . Discussed the upcoming rallies including our own Heart and Soul rally (get your tickets purchased). Assistance was requested to help set up for the Heart and Soul rally so if anyone has an hour or 2 to spare on the Thursday before hand please contact one of the committee.

We had a few new members with us, however without my glasses I couldn’t scribble anything down! Welcome to all the new members.

Chapter Meeting, April 2019

A chilly evening saw only 1 hardy soul arrive on his motorcycle, however we had another great turnout. The committee all said a few words on what was upcoming and how things were going.

Everyone is looking forward to getting out their bikes, particularly CRAGG on the weekend of Friday 12th April.

There was a great surprise in store for our Director Barry Gillespie. Allen Glasper, Assistant Head Road Captain, ambushed him with a presentation of a Tankard and meal vouchers for his dedication to the Geordie Chapter. Very well deserved.

So after 10 years of not winning a thing on the raffle, Paul Beattie took home 2 prizes, well done Paul. I however won the bottle of vodka, which is somehow empty already!

We have with us a new member, Mick Herron, from Cramlington who rides a lovely 48 Sportster. Welcome to the Chapter Mick.

Also Kay and Paul Poulton from Durham, who ride a 1200 custom Sportster. Welcome to you both.

All in all another great Chapter meeting. We will see you all there again on Thursday 2nd May.




News feed, 1.12.18

You can now apply for your 2019 Geordie Chapter membership! Click the logo below …

News feed, 27.5.18

Mr Softail Slim, Peter Currie, led us through four beautiful counties in the north of England on our first Chapter ride-out of 2018.

We whizzed away from Tyne and Wear, into Northumberland and on to the Military Road. A trip through Gilsland meant Cumbria was now upon us and we then crossed the A69 to land at our destination, Talkin Tarn. It was beautiful and the predicted sunshine was out in full force to greet us.

A slight detour (fallen tree) added a few miles to our trip as we headed for Alston and some fuel.

A straight line for Nenthead, then Allendale and back to Allenheads, soon had us into County Durham and the lovely moors over Stanhope. We had the place to ourselves as we whizzed back onto the A68 and down to Corbridge to finish.

A great day for everyone!

News feed, 23.2.18

The North East Coalition of Motorcycle Clubs again met at Angels Place last night, with a great turn-out from everyone.

Here’s a few things that are happening in March and April:

  • 31.3: HAMC Poker Run, starts at 1.00 pm at Angels Place. £10.00 per bike which includes food, party and music – from Hellraiser.
  • 31.3: Infidels MCC is hosting an Easter Egg run round Northumberland, meeting at Woodhorn Museum
  • 7.4: Erebos MCC is hosting a Bike and Custom Show, at Durham Catholic Club, DH4 7JZ

The next meeting is on 30.3, at 8.00 pm. There are lots of websites and Facebook pages for all NECMC groups, so get online and help support them and the NECMC.

News feed, 30.12.17

Here’s a few pictures from our fabulous Christmas party at Nissan SLC …

Happy New Year everyone!!

News feed, 24.11.17

Peter Currie, our Assistant Director, attended his last Committee Meeting last night before standing down from his role at our forthcoming AGM. Peter has kept us all in the loop for years with texts and messages about ride-outs and events.

Peter has had a long and illustrious career on the Geordie Chapter Committee, being the Assistant Director, Activities Officer, Membership Officer and Assistant Head Road Captain at different times: he’s been a real asset to the chapter. Peter will continue his role as Road Captain on the Road Crew, scooting about on his Softail Slim.

We will miss him at our future Committee Meetings!

News feed, 22.10.17

Geordie Chapter: Pretty in Pink

It’s Sunday morning and the chapter Pink Ride today. As Ruth is one of our chapter Ladies of Harley Officers attendance is mandatory for me, but the weather is looking great, and I’m one of the chapter photographers so it’s an ideal opportunity to get some good shots of pink nutters on decorated bikes.

We are to meet at 10am at the Gateshead dealers. All loaded with Camera, and collection buckets we set off, and after stopping for fuel arrive before the gates open. Ten minutes later we are in and sipping coffee while we wait to see how many others are coming along for the ride.

The plan is to ride out to Seaham sea front and stop at the Tommy memorial statue for a group photo before heading into the center of Durham where Ruth has arranged a street collection permit for us all to raise money for CHUF (The Children’s Heart unit Fund at the local Freeman hospital in Newcastle).

They have planned a road crew briefing before leaving at 10:30. Just after ten I check with the ride leader if there is anything in the briefing I need to know, as I will be heading off ahead of the ride to photograph them arriving in Seaham. Leaving ahead of a ride is quite common for me, especially as I know both stopping points well, and the best spot to photograph everyone.

After a detour due to a closed road I am ready and waiting at the Seaham statue at just after 11am when the first bikes pull into the street. A few curious people have stopped to check out my bike and chat, but as the chapter begins to fill the street, and the chosen parking area it soon becomes apparent that the turnout is very good indeed. More and more people stop to take in the sight as pretty much every bike and rider is wearing pink. Anything from armbands, to full tutu, pyjamas, ribbons, tinsel etc. – it’s quite a sight and brings a smile to everyone watching.

53 bikes arrive over the course of the next 5 minutes, and I get shots of pretty much all of them passing the memorial. More shots of the parked bikes and a few strange and pink sights before beginning the hardest part of the day for me. Herding approximately 90 people into some form of order in front of the statue for a group photograph with the chapter flag. These days everyone wants photos and I usually end up with a collection of mobiles to use as well.

15 minutes later we head off again leaving behind many smiles, and lots of phone camera footage with those watching. We also leave behind a small flock of scooters that seem to have latched onto the tail end of our group as they rode in. This time I am riding towards the back of the group as we head into Durham for just over an hour to collect for CHUF. The ladies are at the front – after all it is their day!

Our road crew takes us via a twisty and back road route down to the river below the theatre in Durham where a large coach car park is soon taken over by a group of pink bikes and bikers. More photos as everyone scatters for lunch and collections. I follow Ruth and a few of the others up to the main market square where I see one lady member being interviewed by a local camera crew, while the rest of us try and convert smiles and public curiosity into funds for our elected charity.

Just under 90 minutes later we are waiting for the last stragglers before our road crew lead the group off via more country villages on a circuitous route back to the Gateshead dealership. I stay behind this time to photograph everyone leaving and help assist car drivers while everyone organizes, and eventually leaves. No group ride for me this time as I head alone back to the shop on the motorway to catch them all arriving an hour or so later.

Everyone has had a great time, and on top of this we have raised approx. £350 for an excellent cause. Back home to review, edit and update in the region of 400 photos before whittling them down to just over 60 that I put up that night on the chapter Facebook and web pages.

Chris Neal, Geordie Chapter photographer