News feed, 8.6.21

Our Head Road Captain, James Jobson, has provided details of the Chapter ride-out on 27 June. Click here for more details.


News feed, 10.5.21

Our Activities Officer, Simon Field, has arranged two camping trips over the summer – in July and September.

Have a look at our Events Calendar. All details are on there but if you have any questions, email Simon directly:

Sounds like it’s gonna be a blast!


News feed, 2.5.21

Our Ladies of Harley, Trish, Dawn and Joanne spent a great day on Saturday riding for International Female Riders Day.

Trish said, ‘Fab day with Dawn Beattie and Joanne Ritchie on a 250 mile scenic ride up to Kelso and back…. ‘

Well done, ladies!


News feed, 10.7.19

Today was something a little different: 16 bikes left Gateshead Harley-Davidson for a short run up to Henshaw Church of England Primary School to visit some of the children who had just finished their Key stage 2 topic Road trip USA. They were keen to see some actual bikes and the Chapter happily obliged.

The visit was really well appreciated, all who attended said they could hear us well before we arrived. The kids got to sit on some of the bikes and had their pictures taken. All in all, a good day. It was a pleasure to have been invited by teacher Mrs Debbie Clarke who along with her husband is a member of Nene Valley Chapter.

News feed, 15.5.19

News just in! Hayley King, After Sales Manager at the dealership, is doing a skydive for Teenage Cancer Trust. She will be jumping on Saturday 1 of June, weather permitting, from the Peterlee Airfield. If you would like to sponsor Hayley please click on the following link –

Good luck Hayley from everyone the Chapter!


News feed, 1.12.18

You can now apply for your 2019 Geordie Chapter membership! Click the logo below …

News feed, 23.2.18

The North East Coalition of Motorcycle Clubs again met at Angels Place last night, with a great turn-out from everyone.

Here’s a few things that are happening in March and April:

  • 31.3: HAMC Poker Run, starts at 1.00 pm at Angels Place. £10.00 per bike which includes food, party and music – from Hellraiser.
  • 31.3: Infidels MCC is hosting an Easter Egg run round Northumberland, meeting at Woodhorn Museum
  • 7.4: Erebos MCC is hosting a Bike and Custom Show, at Durham Catholic Club, DH4 7JZ

The next meeting is on 30.3, at 8.00 pm. There are lots of websites and Facebook pages for all NECMC groups, so get online and help support them and the NECMC.

News feed, 24.11.17

Peter Currie, our Assistant Director, attended his last Committee Meeting last night. He will stand down from his role at our forthcoming AGM. He has kept us all in the loop for years with texts and messages about ride-outs and events.

Peter has had a long and illustrious career on the Geordie Chapter Committee. He has been Assistant Director, Activities Officer, Membership Officer and Assistant Head Road Captain at different times. He’s a real asset to the chapter. Peter will continue his role as Road Captain on the Road Crew, scooting about on his Softail Slim.

We will miss him at our future Committee Meetings!

News feed, 25.7.17

We had a great superhero day on Saturday, raising money for CHUF. Here’s a list of the winning raffle tickets!

1st prize: Green AD823280 701-705: Margaret McAdam
2nd prize: White AD906198 611-615: Barry Wilkinson
3rd prize: Yellow AB626573 806-810: Fiona Kenny
4th prize: Pink AC897783 706-710: Joanne Welsh
5th prize: White with yellow border AD433084 336-340: Diane Kent
6th prize: Yellow AD816465 821-825: Andy McCallum
7th prize: Green AD823280 6-10: Dave Tully
8th prize: Yellow AB626573 36-40: Tony
9th prize: White with yellow border AD433084 371-375: Chris Peart
10th prize: White AD906198 926-930: Dee
11th prize: Pink AC897783 386-390: Michael Stafford
12th prize: Yellow AB626573 606-610: Phil
13th prize: Green AD823280 676-680: Dave Sewell
14th prize: White with yellow border AD433084 381-385: Chris Peart
15th prize: White AD906198 371-375: Ian Usher
16th prize: Green AD823280 376-380: Louise Whitehouse

All of the raffle prize winners have been identified and have been contacted and we are in the process of distributing them. Huge thanks to everyone for their support on the day.