News feed, 22.10.17

Geordie Chapter: Pretty in Pink

It’s Sunday morning and the chapter Pink Ride today. As Ruth is one of our chapter Ladies of Harley Officers attendance is mandatory for me, but the weather is looking great, and I’m one of the chapter photographers so it’s an ideal opportunity to get some good shots of pink nutters on decorated bikes.

We are to meet at 10am at the Gateshead dealers. All loaded with Camera, and collection buckets we set off, and after stopping for fuel arrive before the gates open. Ten minutes later we are in and sipping coffee while we wait to see how many others are coming along for the ride.

The plan is to ride out to Seaham sea front and stop at the Tommy memorial statue for a group photo before heading into the center of Durham where Ruth has arranged a street collection permit for us all to raise money for CHUF (The Children’s Heart unit Fund at the local Freeman hospital in Newcastle).

They have planned a road crew briefing before leaving at 10:30. Just after ten I check with the ride leader if there is anything in the briefing I need to know, as I will be heading off ahead of the ride to photograph them arriving in Seaham. Leaving ahead of a ride is quite common for me, especially as I know both stopping points well, and the best spot to photograph everyone.

After a detour due to a closed road I am ready and waiting at the Seaham statue at just after 11am when the first bikes pull into the street. A few curious people have stopped to check out my bike and chat, but as the chapter begins to fill the street, and the chosen parking area it soon becomes apparent that the turnout is very good indeed. More and more people stop to take in the sight as pretty much every bike and rider is wearing pink. Anything from armbands, to full tutu, pyjamas, ribbons, tinsel etc. – it’s quite a sight and brings a smile to everyone watching.

53 bikes arrive over the course of the next 5 minutes, and I get shots of pretty much all of them passing the memorial. More shots of the parked bikes and a few strange and pink sights before beginning the hardest part of the day for me. Herding approximately 90 people into some form of order in front of the statue for a group photograph with the chapter flag. These days everyone wants photos and I usually end up with a collection of mobiles to use as well.

15 minutes later we head off again leaving behind many smiles, and lots of phone camera footage with those watching. We also leave behind a small flock of scooters that seem to have latched onto the tail end of our group as they rode in. This time I am riding towards the back of the group as we head into Durham for just over an hour to collect for CHUF. The ladies are at the front – after all it is their day!

Our road crew takes us via a twisty and back road route down to the river below the theatre in Durham where a large coach car park is soon taken over by a group of pink bikes and bikers. More photos as everyone scatters for lunch and collections. I follow Ruth and a few of the others up to the main market square where I see one lady member being interviewed by a local camera crew, while the rest of us try and convert smiles and public curiosity into funds for our elected charity.

Just under 90 minutes later we are waiting for the last stragglers before our road crew lead the group off via more country villages on a circuitous route back to the Gateshead dealership. I stay behind this time to photograph everyone leaving and help assist car drivers while everyone organizes, and eventually leaves. No group ride for me this time as I head alone back to the shop on the motorway to catch them all arriving an hour or so later.

Everyone has had a great time, and on top of this we have raised approx. £350 for an excellent cause. Back home to review, edit and update in the region of 400 photos before whittling them down to just over 60 that I put up that night on the chapter Facebook and web pages.

Chris Neal, Geordie Chapter photographer

Chapter ride, October 2017

We have raised approximately £350 for an excellent cause, the Children’s Heart Unit Fund, at the Freeman Hospital.

News feed, 25.7.17

We had a great superhero day on Saturday, raising money for CHUF. Here’s a list of the winning raffle tickets!

1st prize: Green AD823280 701-705: Margaret McAdam
2nd prize: White AD906198 611-615: Barry Wilkinson
3rd prize: Yellow AB626573 806-810: Fiona Kenny
4th prize: Pink AC897783 706-710: Joanne Welsh
5th prize: White with yellow border AD433084 336-340: Diane Kent
6th prize: Yellow AD816465 821-825: Andy McCallum
7th prize: Green AD823280 6-10: Dave Tully
8th prize: Yellow AB626573 36-40: Tony
9th prize: White with yellow border AD433084 371-375: Chris Peart
10th prize: White AD906198 926-930: Dee
11th prize: Pink AC897783 386-390: Michael Stafford
12th prize: Yellow AB626573 606-610: Phil
13th prize: Green AD823280 676-680: Dave Sewell
14th prize: White with yellow border AD433084 381-385: Chris Peart
15th prize: White AD906198 371-375: Ian Usher
16th prize: Green AD823280 376-380: Louise Whitehouse

All of the raffle prize winners have been identified and have been contacted and we are in the process of distributing them. Huge thanks to everyone for their support on the day.

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News feed, 24.7.17

We had a dazzling collection of superheroes, including Thor, Batman, Robin, Batgirl, The Incredibles, Captain America, Superman, Captain Flash and Deadpool, all sharing a fantastic day of Geordie Chapter fun while we collected money for the Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. Jennings Harley-Davidson Gateshead provided the stage for our family fun day and we had a superb collection of fancy dress and polished chrome ready for our early ride-out to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the weather prevailed once again and we set off in a slight drizzle, on the A1 towards the city centre. Capes flapped in the wind as we travelled the main arterial route of the city and passers-by could only marvel at the superhero spectacle before them. Our route wasn’t particularly arduous but the rain came down more heavily as we weaved through the city and landed at the hospital. CHUF kindly arranged for some of the children to come out and sit on our bikes and thankfully the weather cheered up so they could enjoy their time with us. We parked the bikes right up on the grass too, so that those who were too ill to come outside could see us through the glass.

Steve and Noeline presented one young lad with a smashing leather jacket, all decked out in Geordie Chapter patches, and he had his picture taken on their bike too. The young lad has been waiting for a heart transplant since January but he is very upbeat and brought a smile to all our faces. Someone asked where he would go if he could ride the bike anywhere – his immediate reply was simply, ‘home’.

We stayed at the hospital for about forty minutes then after some tearful goodbyes, we set off again for the main shopping street in the city, so we could rattle our buckets looking for further donations.

Landing back at the garage some time later our collecting continued with a tombola and raffle. Everyone has been incredibly generous again and, on the day, we collected more than £2,500 for CHUF. A special mention for Gary, our Treasurer, and his wife Alyson for their fantastic efforts in arranging it all for us.

CHUF ride, July 2017

Everyone was incredibly generous and, on the day, we collected more than £2,500 for the Children’s Heart Unit Fund at the Freeman Hospital. A special mention for Gary, our Treasurer, and his wife Alyson for their fantastic efforts in arranging it all for us.

News feed, 26.6.17

Our 2017 ABC ride was another triumph for sunny weather, happy riders and our amazing Road Crew. We met at Albemarle Barracks, home to the British Army, and then zoomed off to Alnwick, via the A68, Elsdon and Rothbury.

Everyone’s in the NAAFI …

We had a brief stop for lunch, before heading east via Denwick to Boulmer, home to the Royal Air Force. It was a breezy stop, so once we’d had our picture taken, we strapped ourselves in again, and rode off south towards Ashington and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Today is obviously checky-shirt day!

You can never have too many pictures!

Our new Sportster Sickness ladies: Caroline, Sharon and Sarah

Cross Rob is flying the flags!

We re-grouped a couple of times, so we could make the final push along the quayside in a single group. The traffic lights thwarted us slightly but our Men in Orange did a great job in keeping us all together and in the right direction. Finally, we landed at HMS Calliope, home to the Royal Naval Reserve.

We had a stupendous day, with about one hundred riders and pillions, eighty bikes and trikes and a sea of smiley faces! We managed to raise about £750.00 for our armed forces. Well done to everyone!

What a great day!

Chapter Santa Ride, December 2016

There’s a great write-up of our recent Santa Ride on our Facebook page, with lots of pictures. You can read it here.

And Ian McClelland (Ian McClelland Photography) passed on a couple of great photos, below. Many thanks, Ian.

2016 12 Chapter Santa Run a

Salvation Army members Eric Pearce, Eric Mercer and Brian Mercer with Barry Gillespie, Geordie Chapter Director, and Sohail Khan, Director of Jennings Harley-Davidson Gateshead, after our annual Santa Ride to the Royal Victoria Infirmary. Thanks to Santa Greg for looking very festive too!


2016 12 Chapter Santa Run b

Dawn Bell, teaching assistant at Gibside School is presented with a cheque for £2,000.00, part of a total of £4,000.00 raised by Geordie Chapter. Dawn is joined by (L-R) Paul McPherson, Ladies of Harley Officer Trish Gillespie, Lesley McPherson and Director of Jennings Harley-Davidson Gateshead Sohail Khan.

It was a fantastic day, with much better weather than last year, and I’m very proud of Geordie Chapter for their generosity at this time of year. Well done to everyone who took part.

Safe riding everyone. Barry.

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News feed, 16.8.16

August the fourteenth saw the annual Geordie Chapter Ladies of Harley ride-out, which raises funds for a charity chosen by our L.O.H.

The ride out was nicknamed the Pink Run many years ago when we raised money to help fund a scanner specifically aimed at early diagnosis of breast cancer. The theme saw riders, pillions and bikes decked in pink fancy dress – an amazing spectacle! Despite a number of attempts to change, the pink theme has continued, particularly with the male riders (must be something to do with their feminine side) and this year’s ride was no exception.

In 2016, we raised money for a charity close to home. The Charlie Bear for Cancer Care fund is dedicated to raising money for the Northern Centre for Cancer Care (NCCC) at the Freeman Hospital. It also incorporates the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation which funds projects within the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. These directly benefit cancer patients from across North East England and Cumbria which contribute significantly to international research into the disease.


Our brilliant Road Crew planned a fantastic ride-out which left from Jennings Harley-Davidson Gateshead and visited NCCC, where members of staff greeted us (some of who came in to see us on their day off) and Charlie Bear himself.

After the customary coffee and cake and a chance to chat with the dedicated nurses, we left Newcastle and rode through beautiful scenery to the Carriages Tea room in Bellingham.

The ride-out ended at Brocksbushes Farm, after about a hundred miles, and raised £220 solely from our riders. It was a fantastic day, made better as three guests joined us – they all bid for a Harley-Davidson Experience in a charity auction in November 2015.

Although we call this event the Ladies of Harley run, it is supported by the entire chapter and is one of the favourite dates in our event calendar. They may all secretly enjoy the dressing up and pink is obviously the favourite colour however, raising money for worthwhile charities is at the heart of the ride-out and everyone’s generosity never fails.

Dawn Beattie, Ladies of Harley Officer

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News feed, 13.8.16

Geordie Chapter teamed up with the North East Truckers (NET) last night, as part of their annual convoy. About thirty bikes, including fifteen Geordie Chapter members, led the way from Washington Services, along the A1 and up to the racecourse at Gosforth Park. The was no definite count on the number of lorries taking part but there was somewhere between sixty and eighty.

2016 08 13 News feed 1

2016 08 13 News feed 2

NET convenes an annual show at the racecourse and fund-raising activities play a major part in their overall fun. Previous events have, individually, seen more than thirty thousand pounds raised for various charities.

Last night’s collection was for a very worthy cause, Seb and Olivia’s Den. Unfortunately, both of these extremely special children have passed away from their illnesses but the money raised will go towards a sensory room, in their memory, at Northburn Community Centre. The room will benefit children and their families from across Northumberland.

2016 08 13 News feed 3

We brought the A1 to a standstill in places as people stopped to stare. We travelled about thirty miles-per-hour and people lined all the bridges along the way to photograph and video the convoy. There’s a few videos on YouTube, if you want to take a look. We all know that V-Twins are loud but some of these sixteen-plus litre machines made a fantastic backdrop to the run. Davey tried his best to match the lorries, pipe for pipe!

2016 08 13 News feed 4

2016 08 13 News feed 5

Once we landed at Gosforth, we peeled off and parked up next to Border Minstrel. We wandered back down to see all the lorries take up their places. It took more than half an hour to get them all in. Quite a sight!

2016 08 13 News feed 6

2016 08 13 News feed 7

We then consumed chips, coffee or beer, and soon enough, we all headed our separate ways home.

2016 08 13 News feed 8

Thanks to Helen for making it all happen!

If you would like to know more about North East Truckers, you can find their website here.

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News feed, 19.7.16

Mags Lupton has lived in Edinburgh for more than twenty years but her home town is Dunbar. She goes back every year for the Lifeboat Day parade – it is one of the town’s biggest events.

Mags’ younger brother and his son both play in the Dunbar Royal British Legion Pipe Band and they were in the parade too. Mags has sent some pictures in for us all.

2016 07 19 News feed 1 2016 07 19 News feed 2

2016 07 19 News feed 3 2016 07 19 News feed 4

2016 07 19 News feed 5 2016 07 19 News feed 6

2016 07 19 News feed 7

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