News feed, 27.7.18

Here’s some pictures from the Friday ride-out at our fantastic Heart ‘n’ Soul rally!

Fish and chip run, 2018

Our annual Wednesday night meet up with our friends from Dunedin Chapter for a fish and chips has now changed to a Saturday. Full details on our closed Facebook page.

Haggis ride, 2018

Annual Chapter Haggis ride to Dumfries.

We will leave at 10:00 am.

Mogerleys Butchers, 49 Friars Vennel, Dumfries DG1 2RQ. Find out more here. We’ll park up by the river, and there’s plenty of local shops and bakers to buy some lunch.

This is a not a marshalled ride, and Barry will lead us over there. Barry will provide brief destination and route details at the beginning of the ride, so please take note of all guidance before we set off.

Rain has prevailed on the last few Haggis rides, so keep an eye on our closed Facebook group to see if there is any change to the plans.

If you have any questions, please make sure you ask them in good time.

Santa ride, 2017

Get your Santa suits ready … here’s this year’s Santa Ride!

See you all there for the final run of 2017! This year we are travelling to CHUF at the Freeman Hospital.

Chapter ride, October 2017

We have raised approximately £350 for an excellent cause, the Children’s Heart Unit Fund, at the Freeman Hospital.

Ride to The Lakes, 2017

Derek Norman has kindly provided the following information for this ride:

Please have full tanks … there’s a garage in Alston on the way up to Hartside café.

We will have a fuel stop for small tanks after around 70 miles and we will be stopping at the New Dungeon Ghyll for lunch.

There will be loads of photo opportunities along the way, before returning back to Penrith where the ride will finish.

News feed, 25.7.17

We had a great superhero day on Saturday, raising money for CHUF. Here’s a list of the winning raffle tickets!

1st prize: Green AD823280 701-705: Margaret McAdam
2nd prize: White AD906198 611-615: Barry Wilkinson
3rd prize: Yellow AB626573 806-810: Fiona Kenny
4th prize: Pink AC897783 706-710: Joanne Welsh
5th prize: White with yellow border AD433084 336-340: Diane Kent
6th prize: Yellow AD816465 821-825: Andy McCallum
7th prize: Green AD823280 6-10: Dave Tully
8th prize: Yellow AB626573 36-40: Tony
9th prize: White with yellow border AD433084 371-375: Chris Peart
10th prize: White AD906198 926-930: Dee
11th prize: Pink AC897783 386-390: Michael Stafford
12th prize: Yellow AB626573 606-610: Phil
13th prize: Green AD823280 676-680: Dave Sewell
14th prize: White with yellow border AD433084 381-385: Chris Peart
15th prize: White AD906198 371-375: Ian Usher
16th prize: Green AD823280 376-380: Louise Whitehouse

All of the raffle prize winners have been identified and have been contacted and we are in the process of distributing them. Huge thanks to everyone for their support on the day.

If you would like to contribute news or photos for our website, email us: GeordieHOG News


News feed, 24.7.17

We had a dazzling collection of superheroes, including Thor, Batman, Robin, Batgirl, The Incredibles, Captain America, Superman, Captain Flash and Deadpool, all sharing a fantastic day of Geordie Chapter fun while we collected money for the Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. Jennings Harley-Davidson Gateshead provided the stage for our family fun day and we had a superb collection of fancy dress and polished chrome ready for our early ride-out to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the weather prevailed once again and we set off in a slight drizzle, on the A1 towards the city centre. Capes flapped in the wind as we travelled the main arterial route of the city and passers-by could only marvel at the superhero spectacle before them. Our route wasn’t particularly arduous but the rain came down more heavily as we weaved through the city and landed at the hospital. CHUF kindly arranged for some of the children to come out and sit on our bikes and thankfully the weather cheered up so they could enjoy their time with us. We parked the bikes right up on the grass too, so that those who were too ill to come outside could see us through the glass.

Steve and Noeline presented one young lad with a smashing leather jacket, all decked out in Geordie Chapter patches, and he had his picture taken on their bike too. The young lad has been waiting for a heart transplant since January but he is very upbeat and brought a smile to all our faces. Someone asked where he would go if he could ride the bike anywhere – his immediate reply was simply, ‘home’.

We stayed at the hospital for about forty minutes then after some tearful goodbyes, we set off again for the main shopping street in the city, so we could rattle our buckets looking for further donations.

Landing back at the garage some time later our collecting continued with a tombola and raffle. Everyone has been incredibly generous again and, on the day, we collected more than £2,500 for CHUF. A special mention for Gary, our Treasurer, and his wife Alyson for their fantastic efforts in arranging it all for us.