Meet the Members

Welcome to Meet the Members.

We will be adding a little info about members here, starting with yours truly. Each member will talk a little about themselves, likes, bikes, etc, with a picture or two. They can then nominate another member to be the next one to add in some info.


Who are you? 

My name is Mick Strong, I joined the chapter in December 2018 after passing my bike test in November 2018.

What bike(s) do you own? 

Bike I currently own is 2019 Street Glide Special, with a few subtle mods, for example, exhaust, seat, leg guards, pannier guards and head lamp, just to make it my own bike, if you know what I mean.







What bikes have you had in the past?

Previous bikes were a 2003 Anniversary model V-Rod and then a 2016 Road king, both very nice bikes but the V-rod being my first bike is still pretty special.

What do you enjoy most about the Chapter? 

The banter, people & ride outs. I’ve made new friends who I believe will remain lifelong friends.

What was your favourite ride out?

I don’t have a favourite ride out, I just like being out on the bike with others enjoying the experience

Favourite Rally? 

I haven’t done many rallies but Thunder in the Glens in 2019 was amazing, great weather, great people and plenty to drink.

What do you do for a living? 

Consultant Project Manager currently with Baker Hughes.

What past jobs have you done? 

Senior Project Manager at Komatsu Mining in Sunderland

Senior Project manager at AAF Cramlington,

I worked at AAF in many roles over 28 years….from Factory clerk, process technician, engineering team leader, costing engineer and commodity leader

Floor supervisor at the Akenside pub in Ncl.

Bouncer at the Waterloo Pub in Blyth.

Shelf Stacker at Presto’s in Blyth.

Paper lad 😊

Favourite 3 Movies? 

Peter Pan.


Anything that I don’t have to think too much 😊

Favourite 3 TV shows? 

Anything to do with Cars and or restoration.

Favourite Holiday? 

Villa holidays to Playa Blanca in Lanzarote

Thunder Rally

July 2020 tour of Ireland on the bikes with the lads. Colin, Deka and Mark.

Who is your nomination for the next Meet the Member?

Sue Asken



Who are you? 

Hi I’m Gary I joined the Geordie in 2017 and was honoured to become Chapter Secretary later that year.

What bike(s) do you own? 

In September 2020 I swapped my gorgeous 2017 Breakout for a new All Black Street Glide. The BO was an amazing bike to ride, it certainly was a head turner, even when it was parked up. Joanne and I toured Europe on it so it was a more than capable bike. The Big Radius pipes were awesome. Alas I got to ride a Glide when the BO was in for service. I think that was a turning point for me. It only took me 2 years to make the change. Alas due to the Pandemic I have only covered 500 miles since I bought it. I have a 2010 Triumph Sprint ST for days when I can leave the Glide in the garage.

I also get to ride Joannes (my partner) Sport Glide from time to time too. I do think that is maybe the best £ for £ bike in the Harley range.






What bikes have you had in the past?

I started my bike venture on a 1976 Honda SS50 in lime green, yeahhh yuk. I loved that bike, I moved on to a Honda 250 Dream which got me through my test back in 1978. The test has changed since those early days. With my test passed I bought a Honda 1979 CB900FZ in blue. I thought I was Freddie Spencer on that bike. A couple of Kawasaki KH400’s, Yamaha DT175, DT125LC, RD200, 250, 400 (x2) and a 350YPVS. A Honda 400 Super Dream for work. My 1st ever bike I bought with cash was a new 1986 Kawasaki GPZ900 from Townsend Motorcycles Wallington Surrey. (I had a well paid job at the time).I switched to a 1990 Suzuki GSXR1100, it was a beast but not as a good as the GPZ900. I did ride the GSXR to Berlin which was a happy memory.

I tried a bit of Enduro too; firstly with a Yamaha WR400 (road legal YZ400) that was one of the 1st 4 stroke bikes to take on and beat the 2 strokes. Check out Doug Henry on his 1997 YZ400; he’s a legend. The YZ was too much for me so I swapped it for a Suzuki RM125 and had more fun.

In 2000 I bought a GSXR750 Suzuki; it was a fabulous bike. My 1st ever British bike followed in 2005 when I bought a 1050 Speed Triple. Then in 2017 Thanks to John Asken I visited Gateshead Harley and spotted the Breakout. That’s when I was smitten and joined the world of Harley.

What do you enjoy most about the Chapter? 

The people, the craic, the rides, the rallies, oh yes the bikes too.

I’d also like to add that it makes me so happy that my lady Joanne can join in all the fun. The Geordie Chapter is the 1st bike club I have been in that is fully inclusive of all riders whatever their gender / race / persuasion.

What was your favourite ride out?

I think it has to be when John (Nichol) and I led the ride to Lindisfarne; that day Jimmy and Allen told us that we were to be given our Road Captain wings.

Favourite Rally? 

Tied between Benelux and Heart and Soul both awesome.

What do you do for a living? 

Part time delivery van driver for Argos. The Mercedes Sprinter is a cool van to drive.

What past jobs have you done? 

Apprentice Toolmaker / Toolmaker GEC, Hartlepool.

Mechanical Engineers Babcock Bristol, Croydon.

Production Engineer Rowntree Mackintosh, York

Warehouse Manager Rowntree Mackintosh, Glasgow.

Mechanical Engineers/Supervisor Nissan, Sunderland.

Favourite 3 Movies? 

Forrest Gump, Kelly Heros, Pale Rider.

Favourite 3 TV shows? 

Any British Dramas – British History – Any pedal bike racing on Eurosport / ITV4 .

Favourite Holiday? 

Cycling around Mallorca with Nissan cycling club..

Who is your nomination for the next Meet the Member?

Mick Strong



Who are you? Hello, I’m David, I’ve been a member of the Geordie Chapter for 2 1/2 years and I’m the Webmaster.

What bike(s) do you own? Bought my first Harley Davidson in 2018, an Iron 883. I only had the Iron a year and I moved up to a 2019 Sport Glide, which I am slowly making my own with a few mods here and there.  Before the Iron I was out of riding for a few years.







What bikes have you had in the past? Kawasaki ZX6R, loved it but the riding position really put pressure on my shoulders and my left one has never been great.

What do you enjoy most about the Chapter? The camaraderie, ride outs and parties!

What was your favourite ride out? Road crew ride out in Cumbria. The ride over Hardknott pass gave me sleepless nights but was so worth it. The views were fantastic, something you never really appreciate when in a car. I’m not a road crew member but was brilliant to be invited along, we had a great weekend.

Favourite Rally? Our Heart and Soul, as its the only one I’ve been to due to Covid. Had 4 booked last year and all cancelled, hoping to get to some this year!

What do you do for a living? I work in Telecoms, primarily voice over IP, which is to say telecoms over the internet basically.

What past jobs have you done? I’m ex Royal Navy, I served for 7.5 years on surface ships. Mainly Leander class frigates. Rest of my time has been spent in IT/Telecoms.

Favourite 3 Movies? Chronicles of Riddick, The Good the Bad and the Ugly and Aliens.

Favourite 3 TV shows? Vikings, Sharpe and Sons of Anarchy.

Favourite Holiday? Mexico, closely followed by Lanzarote.

Who is your nomination for the next Meet the Member? Gary Fisher! as promised!