Road crew

James Jobson, Head Road Captain

James is in charge when we’re on our Chapter ride-outs.



Allen Glasper, Assistant Head Road Captain

Allen assists James in planning routes for our Chapter ride-outs.



Our Head Road Captain and Assistant Head Road Captain lead the Road Crew who support us when we’re out on Chapter rides. Keep a look out for them when we’re out and about …

Shaun Arundel
Paul Beattie
Dave Charlton
Peter Currie
Gary Fisher
Barry Gillespie
Paul Graham
Ray Hales
Greg Holmes
Ron Hunter
Mark Jennings
John Johnston
Mark Leadbitter
Steve Little
John Nichol
Terry Scott
Phil Wallace
Ian Wallworth
Luke Wharton

Terry, Dave, Greg, Duncan, Allen, Paul, Peter, Ray, James, Barry (kneeling), Andy, Shaun and Dave all looking smart in their Road Crew colours

If you’d like to know more about how to ride in a group, see our Chapter ride-outs page, here.