Chapter Christmas Party 2019

What a Christmas party we had! Lots of members attended what some have called the best Christmas party ever!

The meal provided was very nice indeed. Thank you to the catering staff, sterling job.

Now onto the entertainment – The fabulous Sleeze Sisters, 60’s, 70’s and I think some 80’s (bit blurred memory) They had the party bouncing all night from the moment they came on. With sing alongs, dancing and even having a few members on the stage for a time. Was a fantastic night and I hope we see them again….


Many thanks to the Sleeze Sisters and of course many thanks to the bar staff who worked like Trojans all night keeping our glasses full.

A big thank you to everyone who arranged this brilliant party, you all did an excellent job arranging it and many thanks to those who continued to work throughout the party sorting raffle tickets, putting out the balloons and party poppers and controlling the hungry crowd!

A great night and I hope to have many more great nights over the coming year.